Step choreography: Step moves
Knee Lift

Group description: This group contains any step moves based on single knee lift (lift the knee). Look related groups for variations.

Related groups:

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From: Not specified To: Not specified Difficulty: 4 Impact: low Beats/Off-Beats: 8/0
Step Knee
From: SideFront To: Top Difficulty: 3 Impact: low Beats/Off-Beats: 2/0
Straddle Knee Lift Crossover
From: Astride To: Front Difficulty: 3 Impact: low Beats/Off-Beats: 4/0
Triple Knee Top
From: SideFront To: Front Difficulty: 6 Impact: low Beats/Off-Beats: 8/0
Triple Step Knee on Board
From: Front To: Front Difficulty: 5 Impact: low Beats/Off-Beats: 8/0
V-Jack Knee Lift
From: Front To: Front Difficulty: 4 Impact: high Beats/Off-Beats: 6/0