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Are you looking for new choreographies for your step classes? Then you are wrong here. Stepcenter doesn't provide any choreographies for duplication. You can surely find such things somewhere else on the Internet. Stepcenter brings nothing but the new step ideas and support for your own choreography creations.

Animated Step Moves (1052)

On this largest online index you can find unique animation for every step move which can remove any questions on their performance. Many step moves have short notice for breakdown too.

Are you for the first time at the Stepcenter? Please look for these Beginners moves in order to catch my animation idea!

Are you looking for a suitable step move for your choreography? Please try this advanced search form. You'll be wondering at how many moves you can use!

Animated Step Routines (422)

You can find here animated step routines from me and my friends. You may use these choreographies as examples for your own creations. You can even make animations for your own patterns!

Downloadable Step Videos (75)

At the video section I'm publishing my short video clips from time to time. These videos are not thought to be presenters videos but they can sometimes explain my choreographies clearer. You can play the clips directly or download them to your computer.

User Patterns Archive (33)

In this section you can find the some step patterns of Stepcenter users without animations. If you wish you can add your own choreography here. Every month you can win a free access to all exclusive Stepcenter contents.

Step Breakdown

The best choreography won't make any fun or training success without a good breakdown. The breakdown is at least as important as the choreography itself. Since the way is our goal!

Step Choreography is the main component of step aerobics training beside the music, breakdown, cueing and communication. The choreography surrounds all phases of step training from the warm up to cool down. Due to height difference the step choreography has always to be balanced (symmetrical). This is according to the prevalent opinion absolutely neccesary to avoid muscle disbalance. Today the balanced breakdown is required too. The left leg must be involved in the rising moves exactly the same times as the right does.

Tap free or with taps? This is rather the question of your personal feeling. Tap free choreographies provide more fluent and intuitive clear aerobic training due to natural moves. Indeed you normally don't tap between steps when you walk. Today the most European presenters don't make any taps in the choreography and even in the complete breakdown.

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