About Stepcenter

Stepcenter choreographies are just thougth to be a good suggestion for your own choreographies. I don't appreciate and I don't practice copying the entire choreographies from the other instructors or presenters. But since nobody can prohibit somebody, every creator has to make a decision. Pick the raisins or get the cake.

However, please read this disclaimer before using any step moves or patterns from this site in your step classes.

Some step moves can cause your harm. Please select only moves and patterns which you can teach and which can be done by your participants. Please note that moves and patterns with difficulty level above 5 are to use in advanced step classes only. Most moves at Stepcenter are not approved by certain sources, such as Reebok, AFAA etc. Some moves are marked as dangerous by top difficulty level (9 or 10) or explicit in move description. Please attend to these safety rules, use common sense and exercise care when planning and leading any step class. Please take a look at step routines for examples for using some moves. Do not compose your patterns using only difficult moves like in many Stepcenter samples.

Stepcenter animations do not reflect the correct step aerobics techniques. Due to technical restrictions especially followed features do not animate exactly the real positions.

1. Step moves with turns are mostly shown simplyfied. Full range of motion can't be represented due to field size restrictions.

2. Floor feet positions between moves are mostly standardized to the From the front position in order to provide the technical ability to compose any step patterns of any moves. Everytime both feet are on the floor their positions should correctly anticipate the next step move and reflect the participant fitness level.

3. Many moves containing turns must be performed high impact to avoid twisting of joints. This fact is not represented by the most animations to provide more understandable animations.

4. Body position is not represented by animation at all. Please find correct and agreeable body position for you and your participants.

Every aerobic instructor has to decide whether and how to do any step move. Please attend to these safety rules when trying out Stepcenter moves and patterns.

Stepcenter disclaims any liability for injury or damage resulting from information on this website, or from any products of advertisers on the site.