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On Stepcenter you can find: a lot of informations about step, aerobics and fitness. Step aerobic moves, step patterns, full animated step aerobic routines, step videos and text patterns. You can compose a full animated step aerobics routine and play your step pattern in an cool animation. Browse through the unique animated step-pattern Library. Combine step moves to new step routine or step combo and add them to the pattern library. Over 600 step and aerobic moves and variations are on this library now. Basic, L-Step, V-Step, chasse, mambo, over the top, across the top, repeaters, jumps, straddles, tap, heel dig, step touch and grapevine, knee lift, leg curl, lunges, hop turn step: all them you can find here! Step and aerobic music. You love this song? Recommend it to other step trainers on this step music exchange board. Currently over 300 step music titles and remixes. Looking for other sites about step and aerobics on the Web? Over 350 validated aerobics links are waiting for you in Stepcenters link collection. Conventions and workshops for all aerobics and step instructors. Any questions to step or aerobic? Aerobic FAQs, aerobic schools, fitness education centers, associations, certifying organizations and aerobic academies. Magazines for health, fitness and aerobics. FItness instructors, aerobics trainer, presenter, studios, fitness-clubs, companies. Aerobic music, equipment, apparel, clothes and shoes. Browse through the categorized step and aerobic language dictionary (aerobic terms) in German and English planned. Step aerobics forum, discussion board, aerobics FAQs. Reebok core board choreography planned.

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