Step choreography: Videos
Video FAQs

Question: I can't play the videos...

Answer: You need the newer version of Adobe Flash Player installed in your web browser in oder to play videos (min. version 8.0). You can install the Adobe Flash Player very fast on the Adobe site for free.

Press the play button to start playing the video.

If the video frame remains grey the video server is probably temporary not available. Please try it later.

Question: The video is too small, stutters or the quality is bad...

If you have only a slow internet connection (Modem, ISDN) please download first the entire video file to your computer. Read more about video download in the FAQ "How can I download the video?" After the download has finished you can normally start playing the video by a double click on the downloaded file.

Question: How can I download the video?

Answer: Just click on the download link and select Save in the dialog box in order to download the MPEG video file to an appropriate location (your desktop or another folder). Please stay patient if you have a slow connection.