Step Training: Breakdown
Move Layering

Group description:

The good introduction of new of step moves bases always on layering (step-by-step replacement of known moves by the new moves). Please attend to these techniques to provide balanced training even when introducing the basic moves in the beginners classes. If you want to provide a good layering never change the leading foot "on shout" (e.g. "make Knee lift instead of Basic next next time"). Please use steady natural leg changes.

Klick on the name of a step move or pattern to see step-by-step breakdown instructions.

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Lunges (Split Basic)
From: Front To: Front Difficulty: 4 Impact: low Beats/Off-Beats: 8/0
Reverse Turn Double Half Mambo Down
From: Front To: Front Difficulty: 7 Impact: low Beats/Off-Beats: 10/0