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Fire Inside The Man

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Question? Problems understanding animation?
Difficulty:7 Reversing:
Counts:32 Rotation:no
Added:2001-03-28 23:55:56 Routine ID:408
Last Edited:2001-03-28 23:55:56 Author: Alexey
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(1-12) Mambo Triple Chasse (Floor/Board/Floor)
Leading: Right From: Front To: Side Difficulty: 7 Impact: low Beats/Off-Beats: 12/3
(13-16) Reverse Turn
Leading: Left From: Front To: Front Difficulty: 5 Impact: low Beats/Off-Beats: 4/0
(17-24) LungeTwist Turn
Leading: Left From: Front To: Front Difficulty: 6 Impact: low Beats/Off-Beats: 8/0
(25-32) Lunge-n-Kick Lunges
Leading: Right From: FrontTop To: Front Difficulty: 8 Impact: low Beats/Off-Beats: 8/1