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Question? Problems understanding animation?
Description: On count #28,you are facing front (the mirror)and your toe is on the step behind you. Your arms are both up in the air like a gymnast's finale'.
Difficulty:7 Reversing:
Counts:32 Rotation:no
Added:2004-03-16 23:35:16 Routine ID:3985
Last Edited:2004-03-18 22:10:29 Author: Psychostepper

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(1-8) Lunges Turn 4/4
Leading: Right From: Front To: Front Difficulty: 8 Impact: high Beats/Off-Beats: 8/0
(9-16) Mambo cha cha, Pivot
Leading: Right From: Front To: FrontTop Difficulty: 7 Impact: low Beats/Off-Beats: 8/1
(17-24) Double Side Mambo Down, Knee Exit
Leading: Left From: Top To: Front Difficulty: 5 Impact: low Beats/Off-Beats: 8/0
(25-32) 2/4 Reverse Hop Turn, Tap & Unwind ("Chicago")
Leading: Right From: Front To: Front Difficulty: 8 Impact: low Beats/Off-Beats: 8/0