Step choreography: User Patterns
Oops!... I did it...

Author or alias: Alexey (alexey at stepcenter dot com)
Difficulty: Advanced
Step position: Horizontal
Steps involved: 1
Routine ID: 62

Part 1:

(4) Chasse (Gallop) around the corner (right)
(4) Chasse along the bench on the other side (left) with 1 turn (left)
(8) Repeater Tap-Heel-Knee (right)
(4) L-Step via Knee Lift into Astride facing left wall (left)
(4) Side Lift on the end of the bench facing left wall (right)
(4) V-Step on the floor at end of the bench 1 turn left (left)
(4) L-Step via Knee Lift back to the front (left)

Part 2:

(4) L-Mambo to the left corner of the bench (right)
(2) Start chasse across the top of the bench (right)
(2) Repeat 2 previous (swing) (right)
(4) Mambo down at the right end and back to the front (right)
(4) Leg Curl (right)
(8) Repeater (Knee, Tap over the bench, Knee) + ChaCha (left)
(2) Heel dig (left)
(2) Start reverse turn right (left)
(2) One Lunge down to the front (left)
(2) End reverse turn left back to the front (right)

Part 3:

(2) Start reverse turn left (right)
(6) 2 Half Mambos down, end with both feet on top of the bench (right)
(8) Rotate repeater (left stay on the bench) 3 Taps around+Knee+Knee back to the front (right)
(8) Side Lift Around the world (right)
(6) Repeator (Knee,Knee) (right)
(2) Jump over the bench to the front on another side

Repeat Parts 1 to 3 Left leading and 180° rotaded (from other side of the bench)

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