Step choreography: User Patterns
Lala's Fun Work Out

Author or alias: LALA (l_manohara at yahoo dot co dot id)
Difficulty: Easy
Step position: Horizontal
Steps involved: 2
Routine ID: 604

Combo 1
Reverse v-steps right (8)
Grapevine right (4)
2 lunges left (4)
Knee up Grapevine left (8)*
Squat left right (8)
Combo 2
L step (8)
Single step right-left-right-left (8)
Mambo cha cha cha right (4)
Mambo cha cha cha left (4)
Step right, 2 left curls (4)
Step left, 2 right curls (4)
Combo 3
Helicopter (8)*
Knee lift alt (8)
Basic right , right lunges (8)

When you finish all, do it the opposite lead.
*) Knee up Grapevine is a grapevine that you do twice slower counts, and give a knee up in every step.
*) A Helicopter is basically two hop turns that take you over the bench and back, turning in a complete circle as you go.

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