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For Your Ego

Author or alias: AmbrosiaSki (johnr007 at verizon dot net)
Difficulty: Easy
Step position: Horizontal
Steps involved: 1
Routine ID: 602

Please e-mail me with any questions. This is one of my many attempts to write a great step routine of my own. I look forward to using your routines as well to enhance by own! This routine is VERY EASY and I have Power intervals that can be used at the end of each set to break up the class. It averages 45 minutes to go through this, but you can teach it faster or slower, and 45 minutes give you time for abs. Everything is done on the left & right with taps in between to help transition. EVERYTHING IS DONE ON RIGHT AND LEFT--

Leading with the right foot:
1.4X - alternating knees (16 counts to begin)(you can redue this to 2 alternating knees - an 8 count)
2. 2X - A step over the top (stepping w/right foot & turning toward left of bench; go over the top, then come back,tap down--lead with right foot step up) (8 counts)
3. 2X - 3knee (lift the left knee -3 knee repeater on the left end of bench, switch to 3 knees on the right;tap down- stay on the right) (16 counts)

1. 1- "A" step (step up with the left for one "a" step horizontal) (4counts)
2. 2- 2 Jacks (4 cts)
3. 1- mambo/cha-cha-cha (mambo w/ right foot first, then left)*you have to mambo first w/right foot then left to switch off successfully--the cha-cha-cha will help you transition into the "a" step leading w/ right foot- 2 jacks and lead left/then right on the mambo cha-cha-cha (8cts)
REPEAT steps 1-2-3 then go to next mini-set beginning w/ L-step

1. 2- L-step (coming out of the mambo cha-cha-cha, on right side of bench, lead with the left, then L-step over to the left end of bench leading w/right foot)(16cts)
2. 4- alternating center kicks (step up w/left foot)(16 cts)
3. 4- alternating corner kicks (16cts)
*you can reduce the 4 alternating kicks on steps 2&3 to 2 alt. kicks-giving you 2 8 counts--I start w/16, then break it down(

1.4- alternating glute squeeze (step up w/left)(coming out of corner kicks; bring glute squeezes to the front)(16cts)
2. 4- run ups (run up for 2 on left lead and 2 on right lead)(16cts)

3. 2- up/jack down/jack (step up w/left, one jack on top, step down w/left-one jack on floor--step with right, one jack on top, step down w/right-one jack on floor)(16cts)

1.3-turn step (leading with left-ending on the right side of bench)(12cts)
2.1-squat hop-hop (after the squat hop-hop, you will do 3-turn steps again-ending on left side of bench and squat hop/hop)(4cts)

1. 4- alternating jump/dunk shots (leading with the left) (16 counts to begin, can narrow down to 8 /2 alternating dunks)
2. 2- alternating "V" step (leading with the left/ then with right)(8cts)
3. 2 - Slow "V" or 8 count "V" (leading with the left-left foot steps up for first 2 counts; resembles a diagonal squat. right foot comes up for 2 counts; resembles a wide leg squat. Left leg comes down 2 counts;wide squat. Right leg comes down; wide squat on the floor) for the 2nd slow "v" lead with the right) You will end with left & right leg on the floor in a squat postion on a 7-8 count.(16cts)

1.4 - "V" hops (both legs are wide hopping up then down 4 X)(16cts)
2. 8 - alternating leg curls on floor (step right, curl the left on the floor, step left/curl right--heel to glute) (16cts)

1. 8- 8X repeater LEFT knee out to the side - left knee comes up out to SIDE (preparation for ab work at end of class--working obliques)
switch (8ct)
8- 8X repeater RIGHT knee out to the side - right knee comes up out to SIDE (8ct)
2. 8-8X repeater - LEFT knee in chest - hands up (pull the left knee in towards the chest as hands come down-rotating the torso towards the left.)(8ct)
8-8X repeater - RIGHT knee in chest - hands up (pull the right knee in towards the chest as hands come down-rotating the torso towards the right.)(8ct)
3. 8- alternating l/r Basic (16cts--can reduce to 8 or 4 alt. l/r basics)
4. 4- alt knee (16 cts--can reduce to 8 cts/2 alt knees)
5. 4- opposite elbow to knee (still working obliques/hips)(16 cts--can reduce to 8 cts/2 alt knees to oppo. elbow)

Here are POWER intervals that you can add in between instructing each set:

POWER**Set 1
SLOW -A- step
Angled Prison Squats
Chair Squats
***Begin to slow the A step down to an 8 count. then stop on one side for a set of 12 pulsing wide leg squats-left foot on step right foot on floor. transition to the top of the step for 12 pulsing chair squats-both feet together on top of step. transition to other side for another 12 pulsing angled wide leg squats-right foot on step, left foot on floor

You can do this with a body bar or weights to increase difficulty. My class sweated their butts off

POWER**Set 2
Straddle hops / Straddle taps
**keeping hopping up & down on step with both feet for 8. Medium level modification--hop up, step down left then right. Low impact/low level modification--keep an alternating V-step

POWER**Set 3
Plie Squats on top
Wagonwheel abs
notes for plie squats (set of 8 slow/hold for 8/ pulse for 8-repeat if necessary; add weights or body bar)
notes for wagonwheel abs (standing in plie position, bring hands behind head and crunch side to side. You can isolate right center 8X then left center 8X, then alternate the side crunch--if you have weights..leave arms down, and add a side row up w/each crunch)

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