Step choreography: User Patterns
Step Lightly, But Carry a Big Stick

Author or alias: Stepqueen Linda Heales (dheales at sympatico dot ca)
Difficulty: Advanced
Step position: Horizontal
Steps involved: 1
Routine ID: 592

Combo's are extremely advanced, tap free, 64 count self reversing, cross phrasing where indicated.

Combo I (Cross phrasing)

1 X Step, knee, tic, toc, tic, down, down (8)
right foot on bench, lift left knee (2), tic, toc, tic on bench (3), lift right knee (1), step down
to floor right, left (2)**** it it important to lift the second knee, or you will hit the floor on 6, 7
instead of 7, 8

1 X Spin, mambo (8)
A spin is a 360 degree pivot, right foot on bench in left corner, spin to opposite side of
bench, completely in a circle (4 counts), will finish with left foot close to bench, facing left.
Mambo with left foot on floot (4 counts)

1 X Repeater knee 2 only, straddle down (6) left foot on the bench, right knee repeats

2 X Single curls, left corner, right corner on home side of step (8)

1 X Jumping jack on floor (2)

1 X Revolving door (4) right foot on bench, cross over, turning your body as you go, to face
opposite direction, I cue this as over turn

1 X V-step right lead (4) you are on away side of step, facing back of room

1 X L-step off left side of bench (8), you are on away side of step, facing back of room

3 X Alternating back lunges off step, left, right, left (10) still facing back of room.

1 X Revolving door, right lead (4)

1 X Jumping jack on floor (2)

Total 64 counts, repeat all starting left lead, changing all legs as indicated to left.

Combo II

1 X Diagonal, straddle (4) leading right, corner to corner on diagonal, don't exit, straddle down

1 x Repeater Hip, left (8)
1 X Single hip, in right corner (4)

1 X Special around the world curls (16)
right foot at left corner of bench, curl off small end, turning body to face length of step (4)
left foot from small end, curl off away side of bench, face back wall (4)
Right foot on left end still facing back of room, curl off small end of bench turning body
to face lenght of bench (4). Left foot on bench, curl off from small end to finish back home (4)

1 X O-step (turn straddle, turn straddle), right lead (8)

2 X chugs (also called stomps) with right foot, push off and cross over bench, turning to face
back of room (8)

1 X V-step right on bench, will be facing back of room (4)
1 X V-step right on floor, turning to left side of room (4)
1 X V-step right on floor, turning to face the front of the room, step will be behind you (4)

4 X Hop on floor, turning back to face step and back of room (4)

Total 64 counts, start all left lead

More to follow later. Have fun with these 2 combo's. Email with questions.


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