Step choreography: User Patterns
Tapless Quadstep Combo

Author or alias: Ralph Richbourg (ralph at richbourg dot com)
Difficulty: Advanced
Step position: Horizontal
Steps involved: 4
Routine ID: 591

Quadstep Combinations- steps set up in baseball formation- Home in Front, 1st Behind- on the left 2nd in the back, Third up front- The "gap" is the center, between all four benches- rebound goes from Home to 1st base or 3rd to 2nd base-
see my website for illustrations & clarification-

Combination A
Lancaster (32 Counts)

L step (4)(home- right foot traveling left)
Over two (8) (right lead traveling right over 3rd base)
Step knee back (4)(left)
Step knee across the gap (4)(right)
Turn step rebound (4)(on 1st base, facing the back, left foot turn step, turn to home)
Step knee across the gap (4)(Home- left)
Rebound the knee (4)(2nd- right knee, turn to the front-3rd base)

Notes: It's like a giant L Step-
Turn out and doubletime options on the L Step and Knee back.

Combination B
Tribute (32 Counts)

Basic (home- right) turn in to 1st base(4), walk over 1st base (right)(4)
Grapevine Left to 2nd (4), Pop turn over 2nd to 3rd Base (right)(4)
Repeater 360 (left)(8)(3rd) turn to 2nd base
Repeater Doubletime (right)(8)(2nd)

Repeater 360- starting on left lead- repeater spinning around the bench. Step knee (1-2), tap down on start side- knee(3-4), opposite side-knee (5-6), return to start side- exit (7-8)

Repeater doubletime- repeater with sissor option- right lead. Step knee (1-2) sissor, sissor on bench (3&4), step knee,(5-6) exit (7-8)

Combination C
Modified Revolution (32 Counts)

Turn step straddle (right)(home)(4)
Double turn step end with straddle(right- traveling left turn on home, travel, turn on 3rd and straddle) (8)
Step Knee across the gap (3rd)(right)(4)
Turn step Straddle (left)(1st)(4)
turn step (left)(1st)(2)travel to 2nd(left)(floor between benches)(2)
Pop Turn Straddle(left)(2nd)(4), Step Knee to 1st Base(left)(2nd)(4)

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