Step choreography: User Patterns
Kim's Combo

Author or alias: Kim Wedell (rocgroup at hotmail dot com)
Difficulty: Advanced
Step position: Vertical
Steps involved: 1
Routine ID: 54

Pattern 1
Basic right (1-4)
Half a V-step right (end up with feet straddling the bench) (5-6)
Right foot on bench, double knee / straddle / exit right (7-12)
Double side leg lift / straddle / exit left (13-18)
Double hamstring / straddle / exit right (19-24)
2 single gluts (alternate) 25-32

Repeat with left lead and end up behind bench

Pattern 2
Basic right / lunge twice behind the bench / exit to the right (1-8)
Turn step with two lunges in the middle of the move (you will end up facing the back of the room) (9-16)
Up on bench / lunge R/L / exit right (you are still facing the back of the room) (17-24)
Step hop turn, but going into an immediate lunge R/L / exit right (25-32)

Repeat with left lead

Pattern 3 (Starting from the left side of the bench)
Turn step (1-4)
Turn to your left, face away from the bench and grapevine back (5-8)
2 Knee-side-ham repeaters (9-24)
Rocket up and over (Two rocks and then over the top) (25-32)

Repeat with left lead

Pattern 4
Bicycle kick on the bench (1-8)
Basic right on the left side of the bench (facing the right side of the room) (9-12)
2 Jacks (13-16)
U-turn (17-24)
Ski on the floor (25-32)

Repeat with left lead

Variation: do pattern #2 on the right side only and go immediately in pattern #3, but do three knee-side-ham repeaters (and NO rocket up and over). Then repeat both patterns #2 and #3 starting with a left lead.

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