Step choreography: User Patterns
Funny knees and taps

Author or alias: Sabine (su dot ritter at t-online dot de)
Difficulty: Middle
Step position: Horizontal
Steps involved: 1
Routine ID: 470

8 counts: 2 v-steps right
4 counts: cross step re (only right foot on step, left crosses down to right side), right and left step back to start
4 counts: step up right, tap left foot behind right
4 counts: backlift left leg leading facing right side of step
4 counts: backlift right leg leading back to start
8 counts: side lift repeater left leading
4 counts: basic right turning left, going down right side of step, facing step from right side
2 counts: step up right and left
4 counts: lunges right and left
2 counts: step down right and left
8 counts: go up right, left knee up, step left on step, right knee up, step right on step, left knee up, step right down from step (facing now front), right knee tap heel on step
4 counts: over the top right leading with tap on 4 with heel on step
4 counts: hop turn left leading back to start
4 counts: 1 kick right leading

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