Step choreography: User Patterns
Everybody Get Up

Author or alias: Alex (alexey at stepcenter dot com)
Difficulty: Easy
Step position: Horizontal
Steps involved: 1
Routine ID: 138

Part 1.

(4) Basic Ri
(4) Basic Ri
(4) L-Step Ri Tap!
(4) Across The Top Ri Tap!
(4) L-Step Li to the front
(8) Repeator Ri easy
(4) Knee Lift Le

Part 2.

(4) Over the top Ri
(4) Over the top Ri
(8) Walk around the bench Ri easy
(4) Side Lift Ri
(4) Side Lift Le
(4) Knee Lift Ri
(4) Basic Run Le

Repeat parts 1 and 2 left leading

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