Step choreography: User Patterns
Winter in New England

Author or alias: Michelle (shelby at kiss957mail dot com)
Difficulty: Advanced
Step position: Horizontal
Steps involved: 1
Routine ID: 126

Begin with Horizontal Bench. You are facing front. Right foot leads.

1/2 hop over bench 2x (8)
1/2 L-step (off left side of bench) (4)
Mambo on floor (right) (4)
Pivot on floor (right) (4)
Hop onto bench and step down (left side) (4)
1/2 L-step back to center (4)
Basic left 1x (4)

Repeat combo leading left.

Turnstep (4)
Mambo on floor (right foot/facing left side of room) (4)
Pivot on floor (4)
3-ct repeater knee (lower right corner of bench/facing left) (8)
1/2 hop over bench (you are now facing right)(4)
reverse turnstep (4)
over the top (4)

Repeat combo leading left

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