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Great cycle CDs. My classes love the music!

Rating: Step StarStep StarStep StarStep StarStep Star On: 2002-09-05

Not bad for a company that sells its stuff only through the Internet. Tim Compagna President of Burntrax also sells His Wife's DVD's The Works With Sharon Mann on the Burntrax Site. The DVD Is horrible. All it does is edit pieces of her Show In Shape With Sharon Mann together. Its been out of Production since 2002 So they are pedalling old stuff. The DVD does not advertise the fact that Mann uses a large variety of workout equipment So You can't get a good workout with out Spending another $300.00 or so to work out properly to the DVD. If she's going to use that much equipment it should be advertised. I felt jipped. Tim Compagna wrote the Music for the DVD. Its Just Music - No Words. It sounds like the same song all the way through just Synthesizer music. I wasn't impressed.

Rating: Step StarStep StarMissing Step StarMissing Step StarMissing Step Star On: 2004-10-27