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Isn't this move actually 9 counts? You need to bring your foot back down on the floor after the last knee, correct? I like this move, but would like to modify it to be 8 counts. What if you took out the second knee lift and went straight into the curl, would that work?

Rating: Step StarStep StarStep StarMissing Step StarMissing Step Star On: 2001-05-10 Author: Michelle (shelby at kiss957mail dot com)

In my old version I can go right leading in next move. If I make 9-beat-version next move will be left leading. Same is in your suggestion. Sure it would be another version of this move. Well!

I have called my old version "Hop Turn Rocking Horse with Knee". Your version is now known as "Hop Turn Rocking Horse".

Rating: Step StarStep StarStep StarStep StarStep Star On: 2001-05-10 Author: Alexey (alexey at stepcenter dot com)