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Stepcenter Account FAQs

Question: How does the Stepcenter Account work?

Answer: Easy! If you have no Stepcenter Account please proceed to registration. The Stepcenter Account is guaranteed free of costs as long as you don't upgrade to premium membership and it is anonymous. After registration you will get a cofirmation request via email. You have to click on the link in that email to complete your Stepcenter registration. On this way we validate your email address in order to help you if you forget your password. Your email address won't be used for any other purposes.

As soon as your Stepcenter account is activated you can login with your username and your password at the Stepcenter Member area. With your Stepcenter account you can save your settings, manage your favorite lists and add new contents like step moves to Stepcenter indexes. You will stay logged on on this computer until you click on the Logout link. For security reasons after 24h a new login will be necessary.

Please note that the Free Stepcenter Account won't give you access to the exclusive contents on You have to purchase the Premium Membership in order to view them.

Question: How much does the Premium Membership cost?

Answer: The Premium Membership is 7.90 EUR for 12 months. Since I live in Germany I have to bill in EUR. Your invoice contains no VAT. You pay fast and secure with the world-wide largest online payment system PayPal. After 12 months your account will just be switched back to the Free Membership and no rebills will be done. However, you can upgrade your account anytime again to the Premium Membership.

If you pay from outside of the European Union you can find the about fee calculated on the base of current exchange rates of the European Central Bank by 2018-12-10 in the table below.

Please note: PayPal can apply slightly different exchange rate for currency transaction or apply other bank fees which influence the total amount. You can see the total amount on PayPal before you confirm the payment. The amount below is just a target amount.

USD9.02575 JPY1017.441 BGN15.45082 CZK204.3414 DKK58.96481
GBP7.129355 HUF2552.885 PLN33.90759 RON36.73658 SEK81.6307
CHF8.92305 ISK1106 NOK76.53915 HRK58.3573 RUB599.59815
TRY47.79421 AUD12.51518 BRL35.17396 CAD12.02222 CNY62.38393
HKD70.53357 IDR131703.744 ILS33.68718 INR653.55436 KRW10170.618
MXN182.7428 MYR37.66009 NZD13.09899 PHP476.8993 SGD12.37693
THB296.4475 ZAR129.13577

Question: Is my online payment with PayPal safe?

Answer: Your safety is the highest PayPal priority. As a leader in security technology, PayPal uses state-of-the-art fraud prevention to stop cyber crime. The team of over 2,000 specialists worldwide includes former law enforcement officials who work with agencies around the world to help protect you from fraud and identity theft. Only PayPal shields you with the exclusive set of behind-the-scenes countermeasures so you can safely send money online. Learn more at the PayPal Security Center.

Question: Can I pay with VISA, MasterCard, Amex, check or direct transfer?

Answer: Yes. You can pay on PayPal site using variety of methods including credit cards and direct money transfer. The selection depends on your residence country and will be shown on PayPal site.

Question: Can I have the Premium Membership for free?

Answer: Yes! Put your step video online on and get 12 months Premium Membership for free. Read more...

Question: I have registered for Stepcenter Account but I still can't login. Help!

Answer: If you have registered for Stepcenter Account and still can't login please check these items:

1. Your registration process must be completed. After registration you will receive an confirmation request via email. You have to follow the instructions in this email to confirm your registration. If you didn't receive any email from Stepcenter you have probably typed a wrong email address. Please ask the administrator to delete your wrong application quickly. Then you can register again using your preffered username. Unconfirmed accounts will be deleted automatically after 30 days.

2. The most login problems result of the wrong typed username or password. Please note that the password is cAsE-sEnSiTiV. That means: "cat123" is not equal "Cat123". Please check that you type no leading or trailing spaces before or behind the username. You can't see these spaces, your login will fail nevertheless.

3. Probably you have forgotten your password. Please go to the link Forgot your password? and type your email address in the form. We will sent the instructions for resetting your password to you via email.

4. Your browser has to accept cookies in order to login with Stepcenter Account. Please check your browser settings. If you have changed your browser settings please try to login again. More infos about cookies.

5. If your login still doesn't work please send me a message Please tell me your username so I can check it (not your password!)