About Stepcenter
About Stepcenter

About me and my Stepcenter

My name is Alexey, I'm 40 years old and I'm living near Cologne in Germany. I'm certified Step Instructor (B-Licence by International Fitness and Aerobics Academy and A-Licence by International Sportpark Aerobic School).

I developed this Stepcenter to be useful for all friends of aerobics.

Stepcenter went online on 11th August 2000. Today it contains the largest online index for animated step aerobic moves and routines. Some thousends visitors visit every day my Stepcenter. Thank you and have fun!


Many thanks to Turnstep.com for step animation idea.

Special thanks to Maureens Aerobic Company and Stefans Aerobic-and-More for assistance, advice and a lot of interesting links I have found on.

Thanks to Biggi, Sabine, Steffi, Demokaan, Katja and other instructors for their excellent step classes in Physicum and other fitness clubs. Special thanks to my aerobic master Dimitris Kourtas.

Rights and Disclaimer

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Please attend to this disclaimer before trying out any moves, patterns, videos or other products from this site!

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German TDG statement

This service is provided by Mr. Dipl.-Kfm. Аlеxey Ozеrov, Von-Witzlеben-Str. 12, 41540 Dormagеn, Germany, alexey@stepcenter.com, Phone: +49 (21ЗЗ) 27ЗЗЗЗ, contact form